The Sultan Room is an impeccably styled venue made for live music, nightclub programming, multi-media use and special events.

The room has a 201 person standing capacity, 115 seated and any combination in between. The room boasts state of the art lights and sound, a stage built for intimacy, full bar and generous green room facilities. Founded on the values of beauty and hospitality, The Sultan Room is a one of a kind space to create singular experiences.

The Sultan Room is located at 234 Starr Street in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn.


The Sultan Room is a sanctuary for our community of artists and revelers. Peaceful behavior is mandatory. Consent is sacrosanct. We do not and will not tolerate acts of sexual harassment, aggression, racism, bigotry, or hatred of any kind. If you experience harassment or aggression within this space, please inform any security guard or staff member, and we will help you immediately. If you would like to anonymously report an unwelcome encounter, please email [email protected].